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Our products have been appreciated by the clients across the world market.

Holographic Security Labels

Using advanced holography technologies, we can create multiple security features such as 3D images, Covert Letters, Microtext or Nanotext, Multilayer, Stereogram etc. in a small self-adhesive label for authentication. Using de-metallization process, we can add serial numbers or bar codes to enhance the security and logistic functions. We can also make them into tamper evident labels with custom break patterns or destructible labels. Security labels are easy to apply and inexpensive to integrate with existing manufacturing operations.

Holographic Films

Holographic PET Film

Using polyethylene as carrier, holographic PET film can be used for very wide applications because of its excellent mechanical and chemical properties, as well as its dimensional stability. It is an ideal material to make flexible packages as the metallized layer creates a great barrier to oxygen, light, and moisture and as a result prolongs product shelf life substantially. On the other hand, it can be laminated to cardboard to make fabulous packages that create great shelf presence. It can also be cut into glitter powder or yarn, or used to make stationery and toys such as adhesive tapes, stickers, or used as varnishing film.

Holographic PVC Film

With good printability and cost advantage, holographic PVC is a favorite material for making Christmas decoration items, stickers, stationery, and posters, ...etc. Holographic PVC is also used for glitter and sequin application.

Holographic Film

Holographic OPP film can be used exactly the same way as plain varnishing film. But in addition to the protection benefit, holography brings its own refractive and kinetic effects to enhance the visual appeal. As a cost-effective material, holographic OPP can also be used to laminate to cardboard. It can also replace plain OPP film to make flexible packages to boost the shelf appearance of products.

Holographic Paper

PPR Series

The PPR Series is made by embossing holograms or transferring holograms directly on paper. Therefore, PPR series is 100% recyclable paper and has the same overprinting, crease and fold characteristics as conventional paper. The products are ideal for conversion into gift-wrap, shopping bags, tags, labels, boxes, and stationery such as cards, stickers, and folders.

F Series

The F Series is made by laminating PET or OPP films to cardboard. The F series products also have all the overprinting, crease and fold characteristics of conventional paperboards. Thanks to the film laminates, the board is more durable and water-repellant on the film side. Most commonly seen applications include shopping bags, tags, boxes, and stationery such as cards, and folders.

Hot Stamping Foils

Holographic Foils

Holographic foils can be used the same ways as conventional metallic foils. Our foils always impress the customer with excellent brightness, vivid colors, workability, and performance under stamping on different substrates. We offer a wide selection of wallpaper patterns and colors for the graphics and packaging industries. Custom designs are available.

Metallic Foils

K Laser offers a wide selection of metallic foils, matte foils, that create classic looks on prints or packages. Our foils support stamping on various substrates from all kinds of paper, films, to ABS.

Scratch-Off Foils

Scratch-off foil can serve as a mask that protects sensitive information such as a PIN number or password on pre-paid cards and transaction cards, or numbers on lottery tickets. In addition to metallic foils, K Laser also offers custom made holographic scratch-off foils that add a decorative touch to the cards while increasing the security level. Our foils can adhere to a variety of substrates including OPP, and glossy paper , and are easy to remove without damaging the underlying information.

Some of the applications:

  • Cigarettes
  • Fast Foods
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Christmas Decor
  • Chinese New Decor
  • Clothing
  • Colognes
  • Candies

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